Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence Unveiled: Here are the Complete Details

Techies are getting their souls beating after Apple’s last address, in which the company unveiled its groundbreaking artificial intelligence structure, “Apple Intelligence.” One of AI’s most remarkable strengths is its ability to revolutionize device interaction and facilitate the seamless integration of technology into people’s everyday life. “Apple is anticipated to

nvidia chip

Nvidia is Now Overtaking Apple Resources Confirmed

An astounding achievement that Nvidia has accomplished is the pioneering force in artificial intelligence (AI) computing. The corporation has surpassed Apple to become the most valuable publicly listed company in the United States as of June 2024. Apple was the previous leader in this category! In this detailed guide, we

miscrosift copilot

Microsoft Unveils Copilot AI: Here Are The Complete Details

On Monday, the 20th of May, 2024, Microsoft held its Annual Build Developer Conference at its Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. During the event, the software company spelled out its vision on the ongoing rumors about it working on AI PCs. To everyone’s expectations, the company is going to be the

AI Chip

According to Reports: Nvidia will Make New AI Chips Every Year

AP SAN FRANCISCO – Nvidia’s profit rose on Wednesday, beating Wall Street estimates. The company’s dominance in chip manufacturing has made it a symbol of the rise of artificial intelligence. In the first quarter ended April 28, its net income rise from $2.04 billion to $14.88 billion, seven times higher


OpenAI Releases New Model GPT-4o: Here are the Complete Details

OpenAI! has recently launched its next generation of the futuristic ChatGPT. After the success of its previous model ChatGPT 3.5, announced on Mar 15, 2022, Sam Altman moved forward to another upgrade that would enhance computer and human interaction. Hence the latest model GPT-4o was released on Mar 14, 2024.

Android 15

Google Announced Android 15: Here Are Some Exciting Features to See in 2024

Google I/O: It’s time for the much-awaited Google I/O event again. This is in line with the launch of Android 15, the most current iteration of the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide. Insiders and techies were in great numbers in the crowd. Expectations are rising since Google has promised

iOS 18

iOS 18 Massive AI Upgrades have leaked: Here are The Details

The AI features coming with iOS 18 are the subject of much debate. It was previously said that iOS 18’s initial set of AI features, or core features, would work natively on the iPhone because they were built by Apple rather than third parties. With iOS 18, a new leak

Changpeng Zhao

Shocking Reasons Why Binance Founder Sentenced To 4 Months in Prison

Last week, the founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, was sentenced to four months in prison on Tuesday, 30th of April 2024. It happened after the former CEO pleaded guilty in November 2023, for allowing anti-money laundering in the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. At that time, Zhao, commonly referred to

Meta Introducing Llama 3 Model

Meta Introducing Llama 3 Model: Here Are The Complete Detail

Innovation is the name of the game in the field of artificial intelligence, which is always adjusting to new advances in the field. Throughout this evolution, Meta has been at the forefront, and the most recent product that it has released, Llama 3, is going to drastically change the way

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