iOS 18

What New AI Features Are Coming in iOS 18

With the introduction of iOS 18, which is the next edition of iOS. It is thought that Apple will bring countless new features to iPhones that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These features are expected to enhance the functioning of the iPhone. The company has been working on this

AI Chip

According to Reports: Nvidia will Make New AI Chips Every Year

AP SAN FRANCISCO – Nvidia’s profit rose on Wednesday, beating Wall Street estimates. The company’s dominance in chip manufacturing has made it a symbol of the rise of artificial intelligence. In the first quarter ended April 28, its net income rise from $2.04 billion to $14.88 billion, seven times higher


OpenAI Releases New Model GPT-4o: Here are the Complete Details

OpenAI! has recently launched its next generation of the futuristic ChatGPT. After the success of its previous model ChatGPT 3.5, announced on Mar 15, 2022, Sam Altman moved forward to another upgrade that would enhance computer and human interaction. Hence the latest model GPT-4o was released on Mar 14, 2024.

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