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Ada Spark is a tech explorer and creative content creator with 6+ years of experience. Appreciate teamwork and creative strategies to promote content. Always looking to work according to the latest trends and create content that makes a difference. Also familiar with infographics and other forms of content.
xbox controller

Microsoft Unveils Deadpool & Wolverine Controller For XBox: Here Are The Details

The Xbox team is still making ridiculously limited edition wireless controllers with weird movie themes. They’ve really outdone themselves this time around, with a new Deadpool-inspired controller that’s really rounded and funky. You read that right: Deadpool and Wolverine are the creators of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, which has


JPMorgan Is Set To Participate In The Altcoin Season in August

JPMorgan has predicted, in a highly anticipated move, that the bitcoin market would see a large recovery by August 2024. It is anticipated that this rebound would spark an altcoin season, giving investors who are not interested in Bitcoin some optimism. Here’s a closer look at JPMorgan’s forecasts and the


How to Jailbreak an iPhone: Best Ways To Do

You can unlock a whole universe of apps, modifications and customization options by jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. These features are not accessible through the official Apple App Store. Jailbreaking your iPhone can be a simple process if you have the right tools and a little patience, although it may

xbox game pass

Microsoft hikes Xbox Game Pass prices Upto 25%: Here Are The Details

In a move that could increase costs by up to 25 percent, Microsoft has announced a hefty price hike for its Xbox Game Pass, a video game subscription service a la Netflix. It comes as the tech behemoth paid a record $69 billion to acquire game company Activision Blizzard in

iphone 16

What to Expect from iPhone 16: Price Prediction, Release Date and Specs

September 2024 will see the announcement of the Apple iPhone 16 series at a special hardware event. The next generation of iPhone models should arrive about ten days later, as is customary. Four smartphones are expected to be part of the iPhone 16 lineup: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone

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