How To Mute Someone On Instagram: A Detail Guide


According to recent data, there are 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram. Even though Facebook has over 3 billion users, this is still a significant number for marketers on Instagram. If you use the right techniques to grow your Instagram following, these people can become loyal supporters of your company.

But, have you ever looked at your Instagram feed and wanted to hide a post or story without unfollowing the user? You are not by yourself. You can keep your feed to your liking without offending anyone by using Instagram’s mute feature. For those who want to tailor their social media experience carefully and more personally, this smart option is a game changer.

Knowing how to mute someone on Instagram can improve your browsing experience by enabling you to focus on the things that really matter to you. Whether it’s a friend who posts too much or a brand that’s become overly promotional, these simple steps will help you create a more streamlined and customized feed. Let’s get started on how to improve your Instagram experience and make sure it contains only happy content.

Understanding Instagram Muting

Muting Instagram lets you customize your social media experience without breaking ties. Having a balanced and entertaining Instagram feed is possible thanks to this feature.

Blocking Vs Muting

On Instagram, you can carefully prevent someone else’s posts or stories from appearing in your feed by muting their account. On the other hand, blocking someone on Instagram prevents you from viewing their profile, posts or stories and prevents them from messaging you directly.

Without the permanent or social ramifications of a ban, muting is a useful way to reduce the display of content you’d rather not see on a regular basis. For example, instead of stopping a coworker from monitoring personal information, you may decide to silence them, which can cause unpleasant dynamics at work.

What Happens when you Mute Someone on Instagram?

On Instagram, you may mute a user to stop seeing their posts and stories in your feed and to stop getting notifications from them. You can still search for and visit each other’s profiles and the person you muted will still be able to view your stuff.

The following things will occur if you mute someone:


• Your subdued behaviors are subtle.
• To ensure a private experience, you can muffle a user and they won’t be alerted.

No Notifications for Likes or Comments

• Users who have been muted will not get alerts if you like or comment on their posts.
• This lets you participate without feeling obligated to react right away.

Privacy is Preserved by Muting

• Sending direct messages privately is unaffected by muting someone.
• You can carry on discussions with the other person without them realizing that their posts or stories have been silenced.

Discreet Communication

• Direct messages sent to muted users remain unseen, providing a discrete route of communication.

How to Mute Someone Instagram Posts and Stories?

Only the app allows you to mute someone’s Instagram profile. Select Stories or the following button.

The following button

On Instagram, you can always mute someone from their profile page.

• Press the following button.
• Click on the mute section.
• Activate the buttons opposite the content you want to keep off your home page.

Instagram Stories

Well, you must be wondering how to mute someone’s story on Instagram? When viewing someone’s Instagram story, you have the option to mute their profile or excessive number of stories.

• In the story, tap the three dots.
• Select mute.
• Depending on what you want to hide, select an option.

How to Unmute a profile on Instagram?

Again, you can unmute users from your feed using the same methods you use to do so in the Instagram app. Learn how to unmute on Instagram by using following steps.

The following button

To restore posts and stories to your Instagram feed, click the Following button.

• Press the following button.
• Go to a mute section.
• Turn off the buttons.

From Stories, you can mute Instagram Stories.

• Click the three dots to access the menu.
• Select “Unmute Story”.

How to see the list of Muted Accounts

To easily restore a profile, you need to look back at its posts and stories in your feed, using the Instagram list of accounts you’ve muted.

• Access profile settings.
• Select Settings.
• Select the section on Privacy.
• Open accounts that are mute.

You can view hidden content by hovering over a username.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram Calls, Messages or Any Other Chat Notifications

Follow these instructions to turn off notifications for chat activity, calls, and Instagram messages:
Via Android:

• In the top-right corner of the Instagram app, tap on the Messages icon after opening it.
• Select the group or conversation you want to mute, then touch the group name above.
• Click on the “Mute” menu item.
• Toggle to the mute option of your choice:
o Silent text messages
o Mute @mention (only works with groups)
o Silent phone calls

Via iPhone:

• In the top-right corner of the Instagram app, tap on the Messages icon after opening it.
• To mute a chat or group, select it, open it, then tap the name or group above.
• Tap the user or group name in the top center.
• Alerts will appear when you click on the “Mute” button. You can choose to mute calls or messages.

Via Browser:

• Open Instagram, then choose “Messages” from the side menu.
• Select the chat you want to close.
• Select the “i” symbol located in the upper right corner.
• Toggle the switch next to “Mute Messages” on and off.

Please be aware that voice and video call functionality is not supported by the Instagram browser version.

As a result, the browser does not have the ability to mute voice or video calls.

To unlock your chosen option and stop receiving silent Instagram message alerts, simply go back and follow the previous instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Know if Someone Muted you on Instagram?

Asking someone directly is the best way to find out if you believe they have silenced you. Also, there’s really no way to know on Instagram if someone has muted you.

It is best to avoid jumping to conclusions. You may see a drop-in engagement on your posts from someone you suspect has been muted, but that could just mean they’ve lost interest in your content.

Does the other person know that I have muted them?

In the interest of fairness, Instagram mutes a user without warning another user. So, if you are afraid that someone will find out, don’t worry! They will never know.

Are my posts still visible to mute users?

You can see your posts even if they are muted. You don’t have to ban someone from your Instagram life just because you muted them.

Regardless of whether you have muted your posts, only those who follow you on a private profile can see them.

Can messages be sent to me even when I am mute?

Yes, you still receive communications from them even if you have explicitly muted their messages. Simply put, you won’t be notified when they do.

The flashing red bubble won’t bother you every time you open the app, but the message will stay in your inbox until you choose to read it.

Ending Thoughts

While muting users on Instagram can undoubtedly help with life organization, it’s not a foolproof fix.
Be careful when using this function as muted users can still contact you and learn about your activities. Additionally, you can choose to block someone’s story entirely instead of muting it if they’re really starting to bother you.

We actually need full control over what you see in your feed, which should be provided by a range of mute options.

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