Everything You Need to Know About iPad Pro 2024 Release Date, Features, and Prices

ipad pro 2024

Apple! has always been ahead of times whenever we talk about technology. Looking at the past years, it had stopped updating the iPad series. An Apple event took place on 7th of May disclosing the release of the new lined up product. iPad Pro 2024 is all in talks and already available for prebooking ahead of its release date. Apple users love to stay updated with all the products it releases. Be it their iPhone, MacBook, AirPods, or iPads, one needs to have a better version than the previous one. From upgrading the generation to enhancing the features, Apple never fails in impressing its customers with every new launch of its products. However, looking at the specs, many people concluded that there are no severe updates made to the product except for better performance, lighter weights, and more storage options.

For the first time, Apple incorporated OLED display technology in its iPads. This has been one of the visible changes in the newly disclosed product. Ahead of the announcement event that was held in London, the social media has gone by storm with the details. The m4 chip ensures power-efficient performance of the device which ultimately allows the product to have better battery life. Coming in two sizes, 11 and 13 inch has made it easy for users to choose according to their needs providing options between the two. Along with iPad Pro, iPad Air is also on the board to be launched on the same which makes it obvious for the users to differentiate between the devices. Here’s a detailed guide regarding the most hyped Apple devices. This guide will discuss the specifications, prices, and release date of the product giving you a better understanding of the product making it easier for you to decide that is iPad Pro worth every penny you spend on it.

Release Date

Apple hosted a prelaunch event on 7th May disclosing the launch of its new product iPad Pro in 2024. For the longest time, Apple has been delaying the updates made to its iPad series but has finally come up with an updated version. Preorder of the iPad Pro has been started. However, the product is all set to be launched and delivered on 15th May to the potential buyers.

Specifications of iPad Pro 2024

Design and Weight: Talking about the specifications of Apple iPad Pro 2024, the most important spec must be its design. Apple has nailed it when it comes to the body of the device. The iPad Pro is impressively the thinnest iPad in the history of Apple. 13- and 11-inch display screens being 5.1mm and 5.3mm thinnest each weighing around 1.28 and 0.98 pounds respectively.

Display: The new iPad Pro has come up with an OLED display for the very first time in the Apple iPad. This updated display screen gives phenomenal results in full-screen brightness for both HDR and SDR display. Moreover, the screen comes in two different sizes. 11-inch and 13-inch are the expected sizes with ultra retina XDR display. Both have nearly the same specifications and features with the same display screen.

Resolution: The 11-inch iPad Pro comes with 2420 x 1668 resolution screen whereas the 13-inch has a resolution of 2752 x 2064. These are the minor figures that brings a change between the two sizes or else both the devices possess nearly the same features.

Processor: With all the previously launched iPads having an inbuilt M2 chip, this updated version has come up with an M4 chip processor. The M4 chip allows the users to experience better and faster performance. However, the M4 chip is all set to make its debut with this iPad Pro based on 2nd generation with up to 10-core CPU. This technology makes it 50% faster than M2.

Storage: Apple has always provided its users with an option of choosing how much storage meets their needs. Similar is the case with the iPad Pro. The storage options include 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. Users can decide which storage type fulfils their need regarding their iPad and can choose accordingly. However, the prices differ based on the storage.

Camera: There haven’t been any major changes made to the camera of the iPad Pro. All the specifications regarding the camera and video recording are nearly the same as the previous versions. Front camera of 12 megapixels followed by rear camera of 12 megapixels. Moreover, the iPad Pro allows ProRes 4K video recording at various fps. Now users can capture their moments even with an iPad due to its good quality camera.

Battery Life: Apple offers an average of 10 hours of battery life. If you’re someone having excessive use of the device, your battery will last for 10 hours straight without any hassle.

Speakers: Providing the users with better sound quality, the iPad Pro is up with the latest technology of inbuilt 4 speakers. These speakers ensure high-quality sound making your experience better than the old models.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity: The new iPad Pro supports Wi-Fi connectivity of 6E and 5G. It also supports 5.3 Bluetooth. However, Apple has gone completely eSIM with its new generation, so there are no sim ports in this model.

Apple Pencil Pro: iPad Pro supports Apple Pencil Pro. This 2nd generation Pencil Pro allows the users to experience better performance. Adding magical capabilities and exceptional features such as barrel roll and squeeze delivers perfect results.

Pricing Details

Apple devices have always been doing rounds with their high prices and those prices always increase from the previous versions. The previous Pro series cost $799. However, looking for better options, superior screen display comes with a price tag. Ahead of the preorder of Apple iPad Pro, prices have been doing rounds around the social media. The 11-inch iPad Pro would cost you around $999 whereas the 13-inch screen display is $1299.


Looking at the new iPad Pro 2024 specifications, the users might get to see the there are no severe changes made with the new series except for its M4 chip that promotes better performance along with OLED display screen. The OLED panels enhances the brightness of the screen. This new technology has been worth attention and every penny you spend on this product. If you’re someone who really invests in tech-related stuff, iPad Pro can never go wrong with your expectations.

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