The Series 10 Apple Watch Will Boast A Welcome Upgrade, According To Reports

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In 2023, the Apple Watch made a few minor but significant advancements. While a slight improvement over the Series 8, the Apple Watch Series 9’s Double Tap gesture offered a new way to engage with the device, a first in many years. Additionally, Watch OS 10’s new widget-centric layout facilitates quick information viewing.

However, if Bloomberg’s rumor about Apple’s plans for this year’s Apple Watch turns out to be true, the company could have much bigger plans. According to the source, Apple may deviate from its usual naming pattern and, in honor of the device’s tenth anniversary, call its next wearable the Apple Watch X (read as 10). It will be compared to the iPhone X.

According to Korean news source The Elec, the new watch may also be more powerful thanks to a new type of OLED display panel.

There are many ways Apple can improve its smartwatch. With more AI integration, businesses can make their watch a more intelligent and beneficial health aide. Double Tap is still in its infancy, so there’s plenty of room for improvement and modification to make it even more practical than just tapping the screen.

That kind of adjustment could be especially important as Apple goes up against new competition in the form of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring and Google’s Fitbit, which are set to release additional AI-powered capabilities this year.

Then there are the features we all have been hoping for years — longer battery life, post-workout recovery measures, more adjustable activity goals, and more sleep insights. However, there are other ways to replace the Apple Watch in 2024.

Additional AI Features for Health-Related Features

By enabling the Apple Watch Series 9 to handle certain types of Siri requests natively, the company gave the device an AI boost. Setting an alarm or timer are examples of questions that don’t need to be answered over the Internet and can be answered on the device without pinging the cloud, which speeds up the whole process. As such, Siri can also answer health-related questions, including questions about how well you slept the night before and your Activity Ring status.

The emergence of creative AI has created new opportunities to present information in a more interactive form, therefore making it easier to interpret. One of Apple’s competitors in the health tracking market, Google’s Fitbit, has already started experimenting in this area. Fitbit hinted at a brand-new initiative called Fitbit Labs in October last year. Initially, it will connect specific data points and apply generative AI to provide answers to questions, such as “Why were you more tired than usual after your morning run?”

It’s possible that Apple Watches will come with more AI-powered health features in the future. According to Bloomberg, the tech company is developing an AI-powered coaching program that will provide personalized recommendations and guidance to Apple Watch users. According to another Bloomberg article, Apple is reportedly developing a more advanced Siri.

Double-Tap Functions

Apple should invest more in double tap by increasing customization possibilities. Currently, you can use this gesture — which involves double-tapping your thumb and index finger together — to stop the timer, answer calls, snooze alarms, and navigate between your widgets. to do So far, Double Tap doesn’t give users the choice to take another action or choose between timers and snooze alarms.

Double tap’s utility is fairly limited compared to other gestures like tapping and swiping because it’s not meant to replace touching your watch. You may not have to wait for a new Apple Watch model if Apple has planned improvements for Double Tap. It is possible that Apple will include such changes in its upcoming software releases.

Upgraded Design

Over time, the Apple Watch has undergone minor design changes, while the more expensive Apple Watch Ultra has seen substantial physical improvements, such as a larger screen and more robust construction.

I’d like to see some tweaks, but Apple shouldn’t deviate too much from the current model’s appearance. Since Apple redesigned the iPhone for its 10th anniversary, I could see them coming up with something unique for the 10th generation Apple Watch, such as a different finish or color.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on some design tweaks for the much-discussed Apple Watch X.
According to sources, a new magnetic wrist attachment mechanism may also be developed for the Apple Watch in the future. However, it is not clear if it will make its debut on the Apple Watch X. But, such a move will likely have both pros and cons for Apple Watch owners.

With electronic devices, design isn’t necessarily the most important component. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are an exception as they are designed to be visible at all times. This is one of the few times a new design can be enough to convince owners of older watches to upgrade.

An Action Button

We’ve been waiting for the action button to appear on less expensive Apple Watch models since the 2022 release of the Apple Watch Ultra. I’ve long maintained that the Action Button should be a standard feature of the Apple Watch experience because it’s proven to be a useful way to quickly start a workout or switch between apps.

Thanks to WatchOS 10, widgets now play a bigger part in how we use the Apple Watch interface in general, giving physical buttons more of a chance to shine in certain situations like shortcuts. And with a small screen like the Apple Watch, that’s especially important. According to Bloomberg and MacRumors, the action button is also expected for regular iPhone 16 models, which supports the idea that it should also be available on Apple’s less expensive watches.

Final Wording

Since its launch nearly ten years ago, the Apple Watch has evolved significantly. We hope Apple takes it a step further by adding additional intelligence to the health tracking system. Apple could also update the Watch with functional features like the action button we’ve seen in other products. Additionally, it can embrace the gadget’s heritage as a stylish fashion piece.

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